About Tradewind

Tradewind Business Solutions is one of the largest and leading companies in India. We provide one-stop solutions for acquiring, recovering and recycling electronic wastes. We also help in retrieving important data from information technology (IT) assets. We record every detail of all recycled material collected from the e-wastes of our clients on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. We document frequencies of collection, revenue quanta and processing details. They are submitted to state pollution control boards as per rules.

It is observed that e-wastes contain metals such as copper, silver and gold. Our efficient recovery of the metals generates income opportunities for individuals and companies. In addition to that, it also prevents some toxic metals like cadmium, arsenic etc to pollute the soil and water. We aim at pursuing re-use by recycling solar panels and complete sanitization of data from IT assets which are proven to cut down some costs for the enterprises. We also have temperature-controlled warehouses that are situated all across the country.

We pledge to maintain every ethical and technical standard while ensuring increased growth and profit for your company. We are continuously developing new ways for sustainability. We have introduced solar panel roofing, charging stations and highly efficient lighting for energy reduction. We provide you value-added services because we have faith in the greater good. We envision a scenario where the flourishment of your business will help to prosper our country as a whole.