Step into a greener future with our e-waste management and compliance solutions.

E-waste is the term that describes retiring, end-of-life or discarded and old appliances which uses electricity for functionalities. In this fast-paced world, our dependency on electrical gadgets increases day by day so is their disposal. In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the generation of e-waste. Disposal of these wastes in an unscientific and ill-organized manner can have many negative consequences, including health risks and environmental degradation. Children are specifically vulnerable to e-waste exposure. Consumption and absorption of toxic materials in their body may cause irreversible damages to their immune system, central nervous system, digestive and reproductive system. Some e- wastes contain gases and oil, which causes environmental pollution. 

Collection of e-waste from households and bulk consumers

We understand we must keep our surroundings clean and hygienic. So, as a service provider, we facilitate the pick-up of waste from bulk consumers and households via a reverse logistics chain pan India.

    1. E-waste storage

    In our facility, all e-waste is stored and kept under close observation as they are hazardous materials.                                                

    2. Segregation of E-waste

    Segregation of source is one of the critical practices to follow. Proper segregation is essential to separate different parts and distinguish between repairable and reusable ones from the residue ones. 

    3. Dismantling of E-waste

    We have steadfast dismantling stations which have dust collection set up. It helps in the extraction of foreign particles and dust; a highly specialized engineering team supervises this. They aim to maximize values from the e-waste disposal process and minimize negative environmental impacts. 

    4. Recycling of E-waste

    Our sate of the art facilities use disruptive, cutting-edge technology by which each item is highly taken care of and then dismantled, disintegrated, shredded and then granulated. These processes are done with best practices. Then the glass, metal or plastic is drawn out of the e-wastes. After that, they are transformed into blocks or sheets and transferred to other industries to fulfill their raw material needs. 

    5. Community awareness building

    We promote the concept of ‘Green environment’ and ‘Green earnings’ through various public platforms for spreading a positive attitude and awareness towards recycling. We have partnerships with multiple enterprises, local government bodies and also individuals for extended community outreach. 

    6. Take back schemes

    We encourage our customers and also the general public to not dispose off their old electronic goods in the trash or leave them open. They are also advised to take our company’s take-back services. They can recycle their discarded gadgets to buy new electronic goods or have instant cash returns. 

    7. Hosting collection drives

    Our e-waste management services lease out public e-waste collection events at times. Participating in these collection drives is free for consumers and businesses. 

    8. Education and Awareness events

    Our team provides support for awareness events which are targeted generally at societies. They are often held at academic institutions, professional organizations. 

    We always aim at providing solutions that give complete satisfaction to our esteemed clients and provide the highest degree of protection to our environment.