Expand your IT Asset Deposition business with our sophisticated solutions.

Businesses have to keep their data safe and secure, but they have to keep in mind financial and environmental factors. They can’t send data centre hardware to the scrapheap or the shredder any more. IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the operation that deals with when, where and how to discard of IT hardware. ITAD practices help companies fulfill disposal needs whenever they upgrade, update, or throw out computer parts.


1. Responsible electronics recycling

Recycling of retiring assets is an essential step towards protecting the global environment. But choosing the right kind of recycling partner is necessary; otherwise, you can face various risks like counterfeiting or items which are proprietary being sold in the open market. There are always chances of data theft also. 

    Our solutions prevent from stealing of employee, customer or company data which can be used fraudulently. Our team ensures that all your metal and electronics tools are disposed off properly. In case of not doing so, metals can leach out into the soil and contaminate water supplies and soil. This may lead to fines, colossal loss and even negative publicity for your company.  2. Supply chain solutions Every establishment has a specific prerequisite depending upon the kind of tools to the magnitude of services needed. Our experienced team will analyze how much hardware is used across your data centers. Then they will create solutions for optimizing your company’s inventory management. At the same time, they will also navigate how much stocks are out and if there’s any gap in the supply chain. Factory recertified drives are examples of how reuse principles help businesses fill up short-term gaps in their supply of hardware. 3. Data security Our team handles and processes every received IT asset with the greatest care. We have a chain of custody procedures that are safe and secure and can remove the risk for data and environmental security accountabilities related to handling of assets. We analyze your company’s risk tolerance and offer solutions specially tailored to fulfill all your business needs.  4.Remarketing services We have years of global expertise and a strong network of buyers from all around the world. This enables us to get benefits from the worldwide market and increase possible returns to our clients. We can assist you in remarketing complete units and in harvesting sub-elements that are usable. In this way, you can get back a portion of your IT Asset investment which you did initially. At first, we will assess the components and see if they have any market value. Then we will try our best to attain the highest possible values for every asset, and the revenue from any sale will be split. All transactions and related summaries will be reported back to you with clarity and transparency.


    In the changing scenario of the global market, the goals and needs of businesses is also simultaneously changing. The supply chain requirements play a significant role in how obsolete electronic tools and equipment are retired. This whole retirement process has notable data security and environmental risks. Our customized solutions help you in the disposal of your electronic assets cost-effectively and securely.