IT Asset Management Solutions for a better business functioning.

IT asset management integrates the capability of tracking and analyzing contractual and financial pieces with an inventory. This helps in understanding how IT assets aid the users and the business to achieve success. It involves the process of categorizing, tracking and maintaining the technological assets of an organization. Assets can be of two types-physical tangible ones like servers and hardware, or intangible like purchase orders, software and contracts. IT asset management (also known as Information Technology asset management) provides you with a framework for documentation and management of every IT asset’s lifecycle from its first use to the seclusion of the same and all the progress in between. Some of the critical goals of IT asset management include increased productivity by implementing technology to help business and user needs and enforce compliance with regulatory requirements and security policies. It helps in the reduction of costs and licensing by relocating or completely eliminating licenses and resources which are underutilized. Our company Tradewind Business Solutions offers a range of capabilities that help your company support asset management processes and take the business to new heights. 

    1. Automated or Discovery inventory

    This tool helps in the intelligent detection of software and hardware components installed in your organization’s ecosystem.


    2. Request Management

    It is often a part of a provisioning system that allows your employees to place appropriate requests for devices, software products and other assets with a centralized form. It is designed for capturing and assessing license requirements that are specified. It also tracks and manages acquiring and classification processes.


    3. Service/Product catalogue

    This catalogue helps in the complete enlistment of resources and assets which are approved for usage within the enterprise. This catalogue records data regarding specific products, including name, version, edition and license agreement types, and other essential information.


    4. CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

    CMDB is a part of an enterprise’s IT Service Management System hence can provide a centralized archive. This archive can record assets of IT and also their designs and relationship with other elements.

    Benefits: Our world-class IT asset management solutions business can manage your asset compliances. You will have greater visibility of assets and enhanced accountability. We can help you with redeployment. Our solutions help in management of contract service levels and automation of contract renewal. Improvements in budgeting and management of undiminishable assets become smoother. You can also measure and control various IT costs way better. You can tag and track thousands of software titles, hardware properties and user history with location from any device, including iOS, Chrome OS and Windows.