Master The Art Of Reverse Logistics with Tradewind Business Solutions.

Are you looking for the best recycling and re-packing e-waste Management Company? How does Reverse Logistics affect your supply chain?

If you’re up to these questions, then you are at the right place.

Tradewind Business Solutions offers the best reverse logistics services. Reverse logistics is the process of re-evaluation and refurbishing the maximum of the product to enable disposal of the rest of the product. 

Tradewind Business Solutions have a set of activities that recapture value and end the lifecycle of any product. We are a reputed organization that undertakes the responsibility of maximum reusability along with better environmental conditions. We promise to take care of your needs and requirements in the best possible manner. 

    What are the reverse logistics solutions Tradewind Business Provide? 

    • EPR solutions
    • E-waste Management and Compliance Solutions
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Collection and transfer solutions
    • Asset management solutions
    • E-waste plant setup 

    Highly trained and skilled technicians under Tradewind Business Solutions take complete control of each step in reverse logistics right from onsite sanitization and shipping to final disposition. 

    Reverse Logistics Process:

    Tradewind Business Solutions assures e-commerce companies’ vast inventory and proper disposal after maximum utilization from the damaged assets. We assure you that we will give you hassle-free services. 

    Collection of damaged or returned inventory

    Our business team acts quickly to pick up damaged electronic equipment according to the client’s request. We take care that this is done seamlessly and carefully. 

    After the collection of equipment, proper measures are taken for the transportation of collected waste. The transportation is done seamlessly to ensure that your business is not affected in any way.

    This step follows proper quality testing and disassembling. E-waste is separated and recycled in the Tradewind’s plant.

    Tradewind Business tends to maximize the recovery and re-utilization of damaged electronic products.

    Remarketing for reuse

    Finally, the repaired assets are remarketed to the supply chain. Thus, enabling the utilization of the damaged components. We believe in giving back to nature, and hence, reuse and recycling are a part of our procedures to enhance your business’s waste management. 

    Now, you are well aware of our Recovery Logistics. Know why you should choose Tradewind Business.

    Why choose Tradewind Business Reverse logistics? 

    Tradewind Business is your ideal reverse logistics partner and returns manager.

    Here are five benefits of opting for Tradewind as your reverse logistics solutions – 

    • Deep quality inspection pre- reintegration in the supply chain. 
    • Pocket- friendly and high-technology operation for customization of any
      e-commerce company.
    • Accuracy and proper efficiency guaranteed 
    • Computer-based reverse logistics services enhancing 100% reduced error. 
    • Dedicated customer service available for emergency orders or returns. 

    We hope you would indeed look up to avail of our services after viewing our unique reverse logistics features. What are you waiting for? Just call us, know everything in detail and improve the waste management of your business and grow manifolds.